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Having a little fun

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I’ve been traveling and working long hours lately, but managed to steal some time to goof around. I had some fun with watercolor and pen & ink. A friend has a dog that is a natural clown; here is a simple, quick watercolor from a photograph. It’s been a long while since I did a direct ink sketch (no pencil drawing, just ink to paper). It has a nice immediacy. This was done from a photograph (but I wasn’t trying to be faithful to the photo; I has just having…read more

Great Blue Heron

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This was a lot of fun to paint, but I took my time with it. I felt that it needed very lifelike branches to work, so I drew them in, then painted them carefully in numerous layers. I started with a very light wash of burnt umber, which remains the dominant color, but other light washes of cobalt blue, burnt sienna, and some others were added one at a time to try to develop some good texture on the larger branches. But even the finest branchlets have multiple washes. The…read more

The latest fashion

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I wasn’t intending to do a fashion-style painting, but elongating the form definitely took this pretty far in that direction. More work with the 18-color palette, although I didn’t use very many of the colors here.

New work in watercolor

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I haven’t had a lot of time to paint lately, between work and traveling to doctor appointments, but here is another that I painted with the new 18-color palette. This portrait took unexpected turns. My intention was to start with a light blue wash for the shadows, and then go darker for the details, but as you can see below, I stopped after adding only the eye detail and a little color in the face. The face has a ghostly presence that I like, so I just stopped right there.  …read more

A new 18-color watercolor palette

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I’ve been using a muted palette lately (mostly earth tones, many opaque or semi-transparent), so I thought I’d put together a mostly transparent palette. My starting point is one published by Daniel Smith on their website, by painter Brenda Swenson. I’ve already modified a few of the colors – initially because I didn’t have some, and some to reflect my own needs. Here is her color selection as I’ve laid in out in a small travel-size palette: I’ve made up painting strips on Arches paper, 140lb off-white. I’ve done two studies…read more

Face to Face

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I had a long run of long days recently in New Mexico – 12-hour days for three straight weeks, worked right through the weekends. No time for painting, but we did get a lot done on the telescope. Got back to Seattle on Monday, and am getting back to one of my favorite things: portraits. I did one earlier this week; it did not go well. Things descended into mud pretty quickly. Started a new painting yesterday, after watching (and re-watching) the first half of Charles Reid’s Figurative Watercolor. It’s…read more

Goodbye, and good memories

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My favorite Cloudcroft, NM, eatery is closing soon, and I wanted to paint it. I took some photos, and one with the owner and her child struck me as a particularly good choice. This is the photo. In the end I cropped it to improve both the composition and the sense of intimacy with the subjects. I recently bought a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 for drawing (it comes with a stylus, and there is plenty of good Windows software for drawing). I decided to do a very spontaneous study of form…read more

The Artist

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An artist is free, To fall, and call it flight, To destroy, and call it creation. To be undone, and call it alive.


Call Me Lefty

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I’ve been meaning for some time now to get back to drawing with my left hand. I’m right-handed, but a few decades ago I experimented with drawing with my left hand, and it was a very interesting experience. You could call it “enhanced scribbling.” Not very sophisticated, but something interesting, usually a face, emerged from the chaos. Those drawings are in New Mexico, so I can post an example at the moment, but I will when I get my hands on the sketchbooks. Here are three left-hand drawings done over…read more

Portrait Progress

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I started a portrait from a B&W photograph Wednesday, April 22 in Cheryl Long’s class. Here are the stages it’s been through on the way to being, for now, finished. Here is stage one: aded a wash for skin color, and got the mouth and most of the hair done. Took about an hour and a half. The hair was a risk; I knew that I wanted to use different colors (for shadows, highlights, and mid-tones), and scraping to show texture. I sort of figured I’d fill in broadly with…read more