More digital art

I’ve been continuing to do digital art. I do plan to get back to watercolor for a while, but I’m pretty happy with the tools I’ve settled on. Here are […]

Back to Watercolor at last

For various reasons, I have done very little watercolor for about four months. I got back into it by taking Cheryl Long’s Wednesday classes at Cedar Grange here in Maple […]

A new way to paint (for me)

For a couple of years now — as long as I’ve been doing watercolor — I’ve had this idea to do a painting with big blocks of color. Pointillism with […]

Apparently we fear the rain so much that we wear drab clothing, and paint our houses in variations on a neutral theme. The light outside is dim at noon, comes […]

Tree Study

This is from a photo I took of an interesting tree in Rockport, MA. Most of the family got together there in late September for a vacation, and I managed […]

Having a little fun

I’ve been traveling and working long hours lately, but managed to steal some time to goof around. I had some fun with watercolor and pen & ink. A friend has […]

Great Blue Heron

This was a lot of fun to paint, but I took my time with it. I felt that it needed very lifelike branches to work, so I drew them in, […]